Enjoy better cashflow with credit card

Free up cash on hand

Use of available credit card limit to improve cash flow for extra 2 months of interest-free payment terms


Digitise and automate your payments

Remove cheque and cash payments, save time and simplify your payment processes


Accept card payments for your business

Let your customers pay by card with no fees or hassle for your business

Collect payments completely free with 0% fee for you and your customers!

Limited time offer!

Collect payments completely free with 0% fee for you and your customers!

  • visa
  • Master
  • CardUp accepts all major credit cards

What is CardUp?

CardUp is a credit card enablement platform for all your business payments and receivables needs

CardUp is used and trusted by these companies in the region

Payment types-Small

With CardUp, you can shift payments currently made by cash, cheque or bank transfers onto credit cards

Rent and rental deposit
Supplier invoices
Corporate taxes
Business services
...and more!

How CardUp works

  • 1

    Set up payment

    Sign up for a free CardUp account and enter your payment details. Payments can be made in advance, or on recurring schedules.

  • 2

    Credit card charged

    CardUp charges your card plus a CardUp fee three business days before your payment due date.

  • 3

    Recipient gets paid

    Your recipient receives the funds by bank transfer, without the need to register with CardUp.

  • 4

    Pay off credit card bill

    You only pay when your next credit card bill is due. Sit back and earn miles, points or cashback on your credit card for your payments made on CardUp!

Simple fee structure
No sign up fees and no hidden costs. Only pay per transaction.

CardUp supports all major cards

Trusted by tens of thousands of users

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All payments made through CardUp are held to the highest standards of security


Bank-standard security, PCI-compliant


Funds held in safeguarded account for no more than 3 hours


Managed hundreds of dollars in payment volume in the region

As featured by the media in the region