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Make payday a great day for everyone

Pay employees with your credit card. They still get paid on time but you only pay when your credit card bill is due 2 months later.

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"We've saved about 16 man-hours per month now that our payroll to employees is automated via CardUp. ​We're also able to use the additional cash on hand to prioritise business operations."

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New customer promotion: no fees!

Make your first payroll payment of up to RM12,000 at 0% fee.  Enter your details to learn more.

How it works

Review payment details and final payment amount, and pay with your credit card
1. Set up payroll

Input your payroll information and enter your credit card details. The total amount will be charged to your card with a small processing fee.

Pay using your credit card through CardUp, and CardUp transfer the payment to recipient via bank transfer
2. Receive a bank transfer

CardUp will deposit the amount directly into your company bank account in as fast as one business day. You can then disburse it to employees as per normal. 

Earn more rewards and savings from business payments
3. Enjoy card benefits

Get up to 2 months of interest-free working capital until your card bill is due. You can also earn rewards such as points, cashback, and miles.

Payday for your team, benefits for your company

Cash on hand

Keep more cash on hand

Defer payments for up to 2 months by using your existing credit card. It is a cheaper and faster solution than a loan.

Digitise and automate

Digitise and automate

Stop wasting up to 2 days per month processing payroll. Automate everything. No training or tech skills required.

Enjoy the gift of more rewards

Earn rewards

Earn miles, points or cashback by processing payroll. Make this large expense rewarding!

Easy-to-use tools that help you save time

Set up recurring payments to automatically pay employees

Recurring payroll

Set up recurring payments to automatically pay employees every time.

View all payments on one online dashboard

Dashboard monitoring

See all past and upcoming payments on one page

Get real-time updates easily

Real-time updates

Receive payment status updates and alerts via email and SMS

Add team member and assign roles

Team management

Assign roles to different team members

Add multiple cards

Manage multiple cards

Add and choose the right cards for each payment

Reliable support

Reliable support

Get friendly support from our team every step of the way

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Transparent pricing, no hidden fees

Access one of the fastest and most convenient sources of working capital. 0% fee to start making payments. No hidden cost or setup fees!

Let's talk!

Schedule a call to discuss your company's needs. No strings attached. 

There are no fees for new customers. Try CardUp for free.

Use CardUp for multiple payment types

Shift any of these payment types onto your card and make full use of your pre-approved credit line

Pay Rent


Pay Supplier Invoice

Supplier invoice

Pay Payroll


Mortgage Loan icon

Mortgage loan

Car loan icon

Car loan

Corporate tax icon

Corporate tax

Renovation icon


Insurance icon


Property maintenance icon

Property maintenance

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How does payroll work on CardUp?

What documents do I need upload to CardUp?

Will CardUp transfer payroll directly to my employees?

How much does CardUp cost?

Will my spend on CardUp earn rewards on my credit card?

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Manage your business expenses better

Join businesses across 40 industries that have optimised their business expenses with CardUp