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You decide who pays the fee

Collect credit card and FPX payments with the flexibility to decide who pays the transaction fee. It's simple. No gateway or setup fees required.

Simple and flexible pricing


✔️ No platform or setup fees   ✔️ Get started completely free

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 Domestic cards

2.25% 1%
fee per transaction

 International cards

3.3% 1%
fee per transaction


fee per transaction

The 1% credit card and FPX offer is only valid for new collectors, on the first RM5,000 collected, and expires 45 days after account verification. Thereafter, standard processing fees apply, including a minimum fee of RM10 for any payment below RM400. Promotion ends 30 June 2024. See full T+Cs here.

Collecting payments with CardUp for free

Enjoy 1% fees on the first RM5,000 you collect and receive payout in the next business day at an additional fee of 0.25%. Provide your details below.

  • No platform or setup fee
  • No technical integration
  • No strings attached

Who pays the fee?

You may decide if you or your customers will pay.

Your business pays the fee

Your business pays for credit card acceptance and reconciliation. Your customers enjoy a free and rewarding payment option.

Business do not pay fee icon
Your customer pays the fee

Your customers pay for the convenience and benefits of paying by their cards. Your business collect payments for free.

Start collecting payments with CardUp today.

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