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Refer and earn rewards

Earn CardUp credits or cash by referring new business users

Referral Program

Rewards: CardUp Credits

Rewards Cap: Up to RM12,000

Suitable For: CardUp Personal and Business users

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Affiliate Program

Rewards: Cash

Rewards Cap: Unlimited

Suitable For: Media, Blogs, Influencers, Financial Advisors & more

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Corporate Referral

Rewards: Cash

Rewards Cap: Unlimited

Suitable For: Consulting Firms, Accounting Firms, Co-working Space & more

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Referral Programme

Enjoy using CardUp? Share the love and earn rewards

Refer Personal & Business users

Share your unique invite code with your friends and both of you will enjoy discounted CardUp fees:

New Personal User: RM90 off the CardUp fee

New Business User: RM600 off the CardUp fee (for you and your peer!)

Affiliate Programme

Promote CardUp on your website or social media page and earn cash through referrals


Register for free. You will receive an email from us within 3-5 working days after registration.


Receive customised offers and a library of marketing materials to help you with  promotion.


Earn cash every time you refer a new user. Plus, you choose whether you want to be paid monthly or quarterly.

Corporate Referral Programme

Promote CardUp's business solutions to your customers and earn cash

Free Registration
Free Registration

Know a business that could benefit from using CardUp? Register to join our programme for free, even if you are not an existing CardUp customer.

Tiered Rewards
Tiered Rewards

Earn up to RM720 cash for every new business user you refer. Your payout will be based on how much your referee transacts over a 3 month period.

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