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The CardUp Team

Avoid getting in a double credit crunch

How CardUp helps your business maximise working capital on hand

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An A-to-Z checklist for F&B working capital management

Many businesses fail because of cash flow issues, and this is something that affects F&B establishments all too often. By staying on top of your finances – both on the payables..

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5 warning signs of an upcoming cash flow crunch

Many business owners start with a great idea, and they put their capital into establishing and growing their business. At the start, everything seems to go well, with new..

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Successful SMEs are using their credit cards for these 25 benefits.

Running a small or mid-sized business often depends upon having enough credit to fund your business when cash is tight. When they start out, many businesses owners use personal..

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The 3 pillars of digitising your business

With the world of business moving faster each day due to the advancement of data and digital communication, there are more opportunities than ever before for businesses to..

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Top tips to improve your recruitment processes

Manpower constraints remain a big challenge for close to 49% of organisations in Malaysia, with many struggling to find and retain new hires within their company. With the..

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