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Photo of Co-founder and Group CEO of Funding Societies | Modalku, Kelvin Teo and Founder and CEO of CardUp, Nicki Ramsay

Funding Societies to acquire CardUp, drives payments expansion

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CardUp looks forward to joining Funding Societies

[Letter from Nicki Ramsay, Founder and CEO of CardUp] To our valued CardUp community,

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Enhance your account's security with Two-Factor Authentication

It is like installing a deadbolt lock on your door – except now it is on your CardUp account.

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The all-in-one guide to collecting payments with CardUp

Delayed payments are a big pain for businesses. This issue plagues about 41% of all SMEs in Malaysia and is a big worry for many companies. When left unchecked, delayed payments..

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New look, same us: Improvements to the CardUp platform

We launched CardUp in 2016 determined to let cardholders get more from their credit cards, enabling the earning of card rewards on large, recurring payments where they couldn't..

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CardUp 101: What can I pay with my credit card on CardUp?

Two of the most frequently-asked questions we receive are “What can I pay with CardUp?” and “Who can I pay with CardUp?”.

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