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Travel to Tokyo at reduced flight cost

Save Over 66% On Your Next Flight By Earning Airmiles with CardUp

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How To Fly Business Class For Less With CardUp

As we return to our pre-pandemic life, something that many Malaysians are excited to do more often again is travelling. Whether it’s flying overseas to meet up with business..

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Paying your monthly rent with your credit card through CardUp

Malaysia, one of the largest economies in South-east Asia, is a popular location that appeals to tourists and businesses alike, from near and far. As a leading industrial centre..

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4 benefits of using credit cards for your business payments

As a business owner, there are many verticals in the company that require your attention: operational efficiency, business growth, digital productivity – and ultimately, overall..

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How CROWD stands out with better working capital funding at 0% interest rates

“Sometimes the supplier offers a 5% discount for immediate payment. There you go, a no-brainer, CardUp to the rescue.” — Rose Tan, Founder of Crowd Pte Ltd About Founded in 2011,..

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The all-in-one guide to collecting payments with CardUp

Delayed payments are a big pain for businesses. This issue plagues about 41% of all SMEs in Malaysia and is a big worry for many companies. When left unchecked, delayed payments..

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